Self-affirmation - Katarzyna Tomaszewska
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I was inspired to create the series by the concept of Microexpression which is a facial reaction that occurs automatically when experiencing a certain emotion, and it usually takes a short time before we are able to consciously control it. American psychologist Paul Ekman distinguished the basic emotions in the 1970s. They include: joy, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, disgust and contempt. My face became the object of my study of expression and character. The drawings expose the typical features of each expression. My ultimate aim was to make the individuality depicted in self-portraits reveal and conceal whatever was the essential of the moment rather than provide a visual proof of identity.

I conclude by claiming that the self-portrait can be seen as a means of self-reflection and help enter into self-dialogue whilst identity is not always unambiguous, but the selfportrait can equally be seen as self-creation and operate like a melting pot of aesthetics and psychology. I tried to show the moments of suspension, how the face changed when expressing certain emotions. During the creation of each of the works, in my consciousness there was a process of self-analysis and self-factorization.